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Sheri from Branford's Perfect Playlist

This is Sheri from Branford's Perfect Playlist:

  • AC/DC - "Big Balls"
  • Led Zeppelin - "Whole Lotta Love"
  • Aerosmith - "Back in the Saddle"
  • Billy Squier - "The Stroke"

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Cory from Milford's Perfect Playlist

This is Cory from Milford's Perfect Playlist:

  • Living Colour – "Cult of Personality"
  • Guns and Roses – "Nightrain"
  • Guns and Roses – "Mr. Brownstone"
  • Rolling Stones – "Rock and a Hard Place"

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[WATCH] Wiggy's Wigout: October 10th

Raises, Ebola, Elections, Nobel Prizes, get it all in this week's Wigout. Read more...

Giant Birds Once Terrorized New London.

This is one of the few legitimate photos from the giant bird attacks in the New London area in 1894. It was taken by Lance Boyle after an attack on Connecticut’s only Poodle ranch. “I don’t know what it is about Poodles but these birds love to eat em” said Boyle, as he herded the remaining Poodles into his barn. The attacks terrorized New England for over six weeks in the fall of 1894. The nightmare came to an end when Rose Bush, the wife of the Mayor of New London, came up with the idea of building a giant bird nest containing 20 Poodles. The nest lured the birds in and they were blown to smithereens with a quarter ton of dynamite. Mayor Bush was heard to say,”we blowed em up real good”.  A statue was erected in 1896 honoring the  Poodles sacrificed. The statue stood on the New London Green until  when it was eaten during the metal eating locust out break of 1911..   Read more...

This Fall Zombies Take Over TV

The return of the most watched scripted TV series in history happens October 12th with the 5th season of The Walking Dead. But the zombies won't stop there. Look for AMC to debut another Walking Dead series. No name yet but the creators promise this one will not take place in Georgia. Possibly an urban setting? No word on stars yet. Then over on the SCI-FI channel look for Z NATION. Another zombie series, this one about taking the only survivor of a zombie bite, cross country to a secret lab in California. If you are a fan of the undead, there has never been a better TV season on the horizon. Read more...

Ask The Wigmaster

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Giant Snails As Pets?

The giant African snail damages buildings, destroys crops and can cause meningitis in humans. But some people still want to collect, and even eat, the slimy invaders. The Agriculture Department is trying to stop them. Since June, department authorities have seized more than 1,200 live specimens of the large snails, all of them traced back to someone in Georgia who was selling them illegally.After receiving a tip, the department in June seized more than 200 snails from a person on Long Island, New York, who identified the seller in Georgia. The department then interviewed the seller and seized almost 1,000 more snails. Authorities say it's important to capture the snails without delay because they multiply quickly, producing 1,200 or more offspring a year.


Do You Know?

While we wander and wonder about what the hell is happening to our country, I stumbled across a few conversations that troubled me. Troubled me because they were so wrong about some basic concepts of our government. So I went to the U.S. Citizenship test just to make sure that I knew what I needed to know to be an American. I didn't and chances are you won't score too well either. Questions like "What is the supreme law of the United States? Can you name the original 13 colonies? What special group advises the President? How many terms can a President serve? A Senator? A member of the House? Can you name the rights listed in the Bill of Rights?" Google the answers if you don't know, that is what an engaged citizen would do instead of having it spoon fed to you. We have become a willfully ignorant society, let the change begin with each of us if we are to survive. Read more...

Really? It Upsets You?

Over the past few days I have heard many a diatribe about how "this ice bucket challenge is driving me crazy. It is stupid and everywhere I look someone is doing it!". Read more...

An Absolute Truth

Your right elbow has never been touched by your right hand! Read more...