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Beer Mug: City Steam The Naughty Nurse

Name: The Naughty Nurse

Brewery: City Steam Brewery

Location: Hartford, CT

Taste: Lots of malt, bready, dried dark fruits, brown bread, raisins, spice. Twinges of toffee towards the back end.

What makes it special: The Naughty Nurse has become quite the popular lady in the Nutmeg State. With her classy and sensual elegance, combined with just the right amount of...ahem...bite, she has made many a friend both inside and outside of our brewpub. Don't let that "come hither" look fool you, though - she is all business when it comes to performance. In fact, she is our best seller! If the Nurse needs a match, it can be a nice beefy burger, or almost anything else on a pub style menu. And with her moderate alcohol content, she can stand alone and make your next Session last a long, long time! This fine ale is brewed for a spicy, slightly bittersweet finish using traditional English malt, hops, yeast and manners.

Image Source: musingsonbeer.com

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