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We Spoke With David Crosby + What Heidi Voight Will Be Wearing At The Toy Drive
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NBC CT's Heidi Voight & Ted Koppy In Studio With Chaz & AJ Today


Highlight's from today's Chaz & AJ: What David Crosby saw at Woodstock that he's never seen anywhere else, the amazing costume Heidi Voight agreed to wear at the Chaz & AJ Toy Drive, how we we should celebrate the life of the creator of the Big Mac: 


On This Podcast:

The inventor of the Big Mac is dead, and Chaz and AJ have some ideas for his funeral.

NBC CT's Heidi Voight and her new co-host Ted Koppy were in studio (5:52)

David Crosby's (who is at the Ridgefield Playhouse on 12/10) Woodstock memories (10:00)

Stoshball's drive-thru failure (15:10)

Comedian Vic Dibitetto (who is at The Bushnell on 12/2) plays the harmonica with his nose (18:00)

The Tribe's survival stories are gruesome, and entertaining (22:17)



Then, NBC CT Morning News Anchor Heidi Voight came in today to introduce the Tribe to her new co-cost and old friend of the show: Ted Koppy. She is coming to the Chaz & AJ Toy Drive on Friday 12/9, and she totally agreed to doing this for us there:


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