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Is It Weird That Pam Kissed A Toddler On The Lips?
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Pam gives a Tribemember's daughter a kiss at the Toy Drive

Highlights from Chaz & AJ: We think Pam is gross for kissing a kid on the lips, but she doesn't see the problem, a hillbilly eats reaper peppers and chugs Fireball, Fathead meets the drunk guy that may be doing your taxes someday:


Is it OK to kiss kids on the mouth? Pam did, and Chaz and AJ are creeped out:  


In Dumb Ass News: Reaper Peppers and Fireball


Fathead interviews Kyle, (or is it Kenny?) who wants to be an accountant: 



Drunk Kyle tells Fathead what he likes most about his professor: 


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