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Listen To Chaz's 911 Call & Who Sucks At Science?
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With New Haven Science Teacher Matt Morgan After Our Quiz

An owl was in the middle of the road in Seymour, so Chaz called 911 to report it. Once Chaz and AJ found the audio recording, they played it on the air.



AJ and Phil Take a Science Quiz with Science teacher Mr. Morgan

Mr. Morgan, an elementary school science teacher, was in to give questions to the Chaz and AJ crew, to see who has the best chance at being successful (according to Bill Gates.)



Then, Chaz and Pam Try Science

 Round two with science teacher Mr. Morgan, as Chaz and Pam both try to answer their questions.



 The Chaz and AJ "Book of Mothers" 

With Mother's Day approaching, Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to call in mom "records." Jen from Shelton called in about the time she spent 25 hours in labor, with no epidural.


#DumbAssNews - NY Man Flips Out Over Broken Elevator

 In Chaz and AJ Dumb Ass News, audio of a NY man calling a Dallas elevator company to complain about his broken model.

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