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Drunk Audio, Theme Songs For Life, What Blumenthal Thinks Of Lieberman for FBI
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Intern Fathead at graduation

Chaz and AJ's stupid intern Fathead was in studio with audio of interviews he did before graduation this weekend. First up was Ethan, who's crazy experience with a 50-year-old needed a lot of beep tones.



Theme Song for Life

Since graduations are taking place, Chaz and AJ were looking into the #1 songs for the year everyone graduated. Danny's call ended abruptly after he learned his theme song was the cheesiest song on the planet.



Senator Blumenthal on Joe Lieberman as Head of FBI

Chaz and AJ had Senator Richard Blumenthal in studio this morning, so they asked him about President Trump liking Joe Lieberman to head the FBI, and let the Tribe call in their questions.



 #DumbAssNews - Hair Salon Road Rage


In Chaz and AJ Dumb Ass News, a bad haircut leads to attempted murder.


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