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Navy Seal Robert O'Neill Describes Killing Osama bin Laden
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Navy Seal Robert O'Neill's Book

Chaz and AJ spoke with Robert O'Neill, the member of SEAL Team 6 who fired the kill shot on Osama bin Laden. Hear how the entire mission took place, and check out Robert's book, "The Operator."


Chaz and AJ's Reaction to Robert O'Neill's Interview

Immediately following the interview with Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill, there were a lot of emotions in the studio. Chaz and AJ shared the moments that most stuck with them.


The Tribe Backs Up Chaz

The Tribe called to stand behind Chaz after he let his emotions get the best of him, following the interview with Robert O'Neill.



#DumbAssNews - Drunk Man Amazingly Calls 9-1-1

Chaz and AJ played the call in Dumb Ass News, and after hearing him speak, it's a small miracle that he was even able to find the right buttons to call.

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