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Tiger's DUI Stop Audio
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Credit: PR Photos
Credit: PR Photos

Chaz and AJ got a hold of the police footage from Tiger Woods' DUI stop, and wait till you hear how he recites the ABC's.

Tiger's DUI Stop Audio 



Lennie Grimaldi Explains His Mouth Noises

 After Lennie Grimaldi's last visit with Chaz and AJ, everyone noticed he made a lot of mouth noises while speaking on the air. Guess what the first question was for Lennie this morning?


An Arranged Marriage, and a Delayed Wedding

 Two Tribe members shared two very different stories with Chaz and AJ about engagements, weddings, and how long it took.


#DumbAssNews - Giant Couch Spider

A teen aged girl in Florida calls 9-1-1 about the spider she found on her couch, but is she a dumb ass? For your consideration, in Dumb Ass News.

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