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Chaz's Crazy Rant About The State Budget
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Chaz on a rant

25 days into a special session, and Connecticut still does not have a budget in place. Chaz and AJ covered the story in news, which turned into a passionate rant by Chaz.


 Ed's Drunk Daughter

Chaz and AJ goofed a little on the 90 (!) people that were hospitalized during the Chance the Rapper show in Hartford. Ed's daughter was one of them, and he was not happy with what the guys said.



Derek's Period Flow Chart

Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share their big lie, to tie into GnR Lies. Derek's ex lied to him about a pregnancy, so he took it upon himself to prove his lack of involvement. 



 #DumbAssNews - Trying to Buy Coke From Cops


Hartford made national news when two kids were arrested after trying to buy cocaine from a police officer. Chaz and AJ bring Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Dept. into Dumb Ass News to explain the whole situation.

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