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We Learned How AJ's Foot Fetish Started, Chaz's Fight With Listener Lisa & British Road Rage
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Chaz losing his mind

Lisa called Chaz and AJ with a late Loser of the Week nomination for Chaz. This lead to a big argument, and thankfully ended in laughter.



A Crazy Ex and Lots of Cops

The last pair of Guns 'N' Roses tickets were up for grabs, but first Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share more of their crazy ex stories. Dave from Morris has been waiting to tell this story on air for 25 years.



The Beginning of AJ's Foot Fetish

Kyle from Long Island called Chaz and AJ after Loser of the Week to ask what the genesis of AJ's foot fetish was.



#DumbAssNews - Bike vs. Car With British Accents

Chaz and AJ have a bicyclist vs. car argument in Dumb Ass News, which is just more fun when there are accents involved.

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