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Teresa Dufour's Most Embarrassing Moment & How She Likes Her Hot Dogs
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News 8's Teresa Dufour shows us her baby bump

After finding a 10 year old sleeping in the air conditioning compartment, Tribemember Chris only asked him not to eat any donuts. But how long was he in there? Chaz and AJ couldn't figure this one out.



Questions From Around the Room for Teresa Dufour

Or is it Teetee Baba? Teresa Dufour was in with Chaz and AJ and admitted her most embarrassing moment, how she likes her hot dogs, and a question that got a really awkward answer.


Teresa on Gil Simmons and Geoff Fox

Chaz and AJ asked Teresa about the condition of Gil Simmons and Geoff Fox returning to News 8 from his garage. 



#DumbAssNews - This Guy REALLY Needs to Do Something Online

He was so desperate and angry that he left a VM at 3 AM. Chaz and AJ loved his message so much, they put it in Dumb Ass News.


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