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Pam's Filthy Car, Don Felder's Text Alert, And Funny Drunk Girls
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Fathead came in with his last batch of Drunk Audio before he leaves for his brand new real job

Fathead spoke to these two lovely drunk ladies over the weekend, and brought the audio to Chaz and AJ in the morning. They stole a car, with the car's owner still in it, and couldn't stop laughing about it


Pam's Filthy Car

Russ the mechanic bravely volunteered to examine the interior of Pam's car. Chaz and AJ chat with him as he finds old banana peels, a book she hasn't read, and all of the dog hair.



Don Felder's Funny Text Alert

Don Felder was chatting with Chaz and AJ about his show tomorrow night at the Ridgefield Playhouse, whether or not he thinks he'll ever rejoin the Eagles, when his cell phone alert caught everyone's attention.



Step Up for the Brave

Chaz and AJ had WFSB Anchor Eric Parker in studio with Vince Santilli from Homes for the Brave , to promote their "Step Up for the Brave" event. Listen to hear how climbing stairs will benefit Connecticut's veterans.



Doctor Perv's Nude Pics

A doctor showed naked photos to his patients, but the reason for showing them is what makes him a dumb ass. Chaz and AJ explain the whole story in Dumb Ass News.

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