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Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Code Names for Celebs
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Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Credit: Getty Images/ J. Vespa / Contributor

During news, Chaz and AJ covered all the crazy things that happened during the eclipse, including people crying on TV, Bonnie Tyler singing on a cruise, and people getting hit by a car.



Pam and Roxy

Pam's dog Roxy was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Chaz and AJ offered support, as did the Tribe and Jennifer. Pam also admitted to rubbing Roxy's ears on her lips.



Kenny Wayne Shepherd's Code Names

Chaz and AJ spoke to Kenny Wayne Shepherd about his new album, his show at the Ridgefield Playhouse tomorrow, and the famous contacts he has hidden in his phone. 



Fairfield American is Still Alive

Manager Mike Randazzo was on with Chaz and AJ to talk about Fairfield American's big comeback yesterday to remain in contention for the Little League World Series. 



#DumbAssNews - Eclipse Leads to Arrest

A would-be thief was caught by police while he was distracted by yesterday's eclipse. Chaz and AJ think he's the perfect candidate for Dumb Ass News.


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