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Ashley Remembers Her Dad on 9/11 - The Man Who Shot Bin Laden - AJ Sings With Charlie Daniels
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Pam's Friend Ashley lost her father on 9/11/01 - and honored him at her wedding in a special way

Friday night, AJ was at the Ridgefield Playhouse to join Charlie Daniel's on stage for a performance of "Uneasy Rider." Chaz and AJ played audio and talked about the prep that went in with the band beforehand.


Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill on Killing Osama bin Laden 

Chaz and AJ spoke with Robert O'Neill, the member of SEAL Team 6 who fired the kill shot on Osama bin Laden. Hear how the entire mission took place, and check out Robert's book, "The Operator."


Dave Russell's 9/11 Story

Former NYC Firefighter Dave Russell was on the phone with Chaz and AJ to share his story from 9/11, from commandeering a city bus, to seeing an entire rig on fire.



The 9/11 Boat Rescue

Author Jessica DuLong was aboard the John J. Harvey the morning of September 11th, 2001, and helped participate in the largest boat lift in history. Chaz and AJ asked her about the stories you can find in her book, "Dust to Deliverance."


Ashley Remembers Her Father

Ashley was on with Chaz and AJ to remember her father, who died during the attacks on the World Trade Center. She honored him in a meaningful way at her wedding.

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