Ed Roland From Collective Soul & Phil's Big Problem

Chaz and AJ spoke to Ed Roland, lead singer of Collective Soul, about how the band gained popularity shortly after he was thinking of quitting, and the Step Up for the Brave Stadium Stair Climb he'll be attending in Bridgeport.



Ken in West Haven Wants a Girlfriend

Dr. Dennis was in with Chaz and AJ to help the Tribe, and Ken needed plenty of it. He's been single his whole life, but recently became interested in a girl at the vet's office, and has no idea how to go about it.


Phil's Big Problem

Phil's girlfriend Amanda was on with Chaz and AJ this morning, to talk about how he forgot her birthday was this week, and booked a work event on the same night. 



#DumbAssNews - Man Gets Head Stuck in Wife's Vagina

To continue Dumb Ass News sexual deviant week, Chaz and AJ reported a questionable story, about a man getting his head stuck in his wife's vagina.