Crazy Ambien Story, Creepy Robe Guy in Fairfield, Animal Selfie Gone Wrong

Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara was on the phone with Chaz and AJ to explain the creepy and terrifying case of a man who broke into someone's home, and watched their young daughter sleeping.



Tracy's Ambien Story

Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe for advice, since AJ has been struggling to sleep due to the noise in his neighborhood. He's considering trying Ambien, Tracy warns him not to take it in the morning.




It all started with comments by the President on Friday, and then everyone seemed to have an opinion about NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem. Chaz and AJ shared their thoughts on the matter in news.



#DumbAssNews - Elephant Selfie Goes Horribly Wrong

An angry elephant killed a person who attempted to take a selfie with the animal, when it killed him. Chaz and AJ covered in Dumb Ass News.