Drunk Audio of Chaz's Fiance, The Cowboys Kneeling, Pay It Forward Fail

Chaz and AJ played audio of Chaz's fiancee Jennifer enjoying a little too much booze over the weekend. Afterwards, the Tribe called in their drunk stories, and Danny might never do a Jello shot again.



The Cowboys Kneeled

Chaz and AJ discussed "America's Team" deciding to kneel before their game with the Cardinals last night, as the entire Dallas Cowboys roster, along with owner Jerry Jones locked arms on the field. Plus, the highest selling jersey in the NFL might be a name you don't recognize.



Dan Malloy Rallies the Troops

Governor Malloy spoke at the UConn-Avery Point campus, detailing how he believes the proposed budget will hurt or close the school. Chaz and AJ played the audio in news.



#DumbAssNews - Pay it Forward Fail

In Chaz and AJ Dumb Ass News, a McDonald's manager fails to understand how "Pay it Forward" works.