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Gov's Gotta Go - What Our Drawings Say About Us - Dumbest Fairfield Criminal Ever
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Our self portraits

The Gov Has Got to Go! Chaz and AJ have started a GoFundMe page to get the Governor out. Here's why.


Picture Drawing Analysis

Dr. Tammy was on with Chaz and AJ to evaluate everyone's hand-drawn pictures; a house, a tree and a self-portrait. What do their art styles say about their personalities?



Emily's Bizarre First Date

Emily called Chaz and AJ to share her insane first date story, which got very interesting at the end of the night after a few glasses of wine.



#DumbAssNews - Botched Bowling Burglary

Fairfield Police Chief Gary MacNamara was in studio for Dumb Criminal Week in Chaz and AJ's Dumb Ass News, and shared a hilarious story of a robbery gone wrong at a bowling alley.

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