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Chaz Will Never, Never, Ever, EVER Ride a Hot Air Balloon
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Credit: Getty Images/ ALAIN JOCARD / Stringer

Chaz and AJ spent over three hours yesterday talking about On Tour Kenny and Stoshball's adventures at the Governor's mansion. Here are the best moments, from when they first arrived, to the cops showing up, and their eventual release and return to the studio.



 Chaz Will Never, Never, Ever, EVER Ride a Hot Air Balloon

A hot air balloon mishap in Wallingford was making new headlines, which reminded Chaz why he hates these things so much. Chaz and AJ covered the story in news, when Emma in Wallingford called in to share that it was her niece's tree the balloon collided with.


Lewis Black vs. Phones

Chaz and AJ were speaking with Lewis Black about his show in Stamford on Thursday, asking him about Harvey Weinstein, douche bags, and being happy when his phone kept giving him trouble.


Kevin and Eric Defend Hot Air Balloons

Chaz hates hot air balloons, he'll never get in one, but Kevin and Eric called Chaz and AJ to try and defend them.

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