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What Esther Katro Wearing? The Rats of New Haven & The Scariest Dudley Town Story!
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Esther Katro's costume she's wearing at this Saturday's Monster's Ball

Bill's Dudleytown Experience: Hand prints on chests, malfunctioning flashlights, time warps, this story has it all. Chaz and AJ spoke to Bill about his experience at Dudleytown, the night before Halloween.



The Rats of New Haven

An NBC CT report about rats in New Haven caught Chaz and AJ's attention for the many entertaining witnesses in the report.



 Fox 61's Esther Katro's Halloween Costume

Fox 61's Esther Katro will be joining Chaz and AJ at the Monster's Ball on Saturday, dressed as Snow White. Will there be seven dwarves there?



The Veto-Proof Budget

Chaz and AJ cover the latest on the state budget, which is veto-proof. Complete with sound bytes from Governor Malloy's latest meet with the press.

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