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A Creepy Dudleytown Story & This Guy Hated AJ's Costume
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Chaz and AJ talked about their favorite sexy costumes from Saturday's Monster's Ball with Jennifer, then Jared ripped AJ apart for his flip flop costume.

Nicole's Gruesome Instagram

Chaz and AJ spoke with Nicole Angemi, who runs the @mrs_angemi Instagram account, which features some graphic photos and videos of medical procedures and accidents.


Donna's Dudleytown Story

Donna Kent was in studio with Chaz and AJ for Freak Week, and shared a story about the woman with the yellow shawl at Dudleytown.


#DumbAssNews - Locked in Beer Cooler

In Chaz and AJ Dumb Ass News, a man takes advantage of being locked in a beer cooler, by treating himself to a few beverages.


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