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AJ Wants A Gun, Demon Audio, Speeding Ticket Panic Attack
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Chaz and AJ covered the Governor's response to the latest budget proposal.



Cancel Halloween?!

Leslie and Joe both called Chaz and AJ to suggest Halloween should be cancelled. How can you not like Halloween?



AJ Wants a Gun

Enough is enough for AJ, who has finally decided he's getting a gun. Chaz and AJ discuss whether or not this is the right decision for him.



Halloween Safety Tips with Officer Hartman

Officer Hartman joined Chaz and AJ on the phone this morning to share some tips for enjoying a safe Halloween, and explained his now infamous podium injury


Ghost Audio with Michael Salerno

Michael Salerno from East Coast Angels was in with Chaz and AJ, to play some ghost audio he collected from his investigations.



Audio in Chaz and AJ Dumb Ass News of a NY legislator absolutely melting down after getting pulled over for speeding.


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