Boss Keith's Wacky Top 5 List, Deer Strike Stories, Wiggy's Conspiracy Theory

Chaz and AJ were reading a story about November being peak deer strike season. Jay in Brookfield called in his numerous deer strike incidents, including the time he did a burn out on the body of one to "put it out of it's misery."


More Deer Strike Stories

 Dave and Keith from the Tribe called Chaz and AJ to share their deer strike stories, along with comedian Dave Reilly.



Wiggy on Madagascar, Aliens, and The Beaver Moon

Chaz and AJ were going to do a news segment, when the Wigmaster came in to talk about the plague in Madagascar, aliens, and the beaver moon.



Keith's Top 5 Casual Dining Appetizers

Boss Keith was on the phone with Chaz and AJ to share his Top 5 casual dining appetizers. It ended with an impromptu list about why Phil was the lowest ranked member of the morning show.