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How John McCain Was A CT Reporter's Wingman & A Navy Seal On The Real American Sniper Scene,
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Reporter George Colli

Chaz and AJ are celebrating Veteran's Week, and asked the Tribe to call in their memorable stories from the lighter side of service.


 George Colli is Back

Back in CT, now with News 8, George Colli was in with Chaz and AJ to talk about the crumbling foundations, and shared his John McCain story from his time in Washington D.C.



Guy Budinscak on "American Sniper"

Chaz and AJ are celebrating Veteran's Week, and replayed an interview with Guy Budinscak from SEAL Team 6. He compared the real event and the movie version of a scene from "American Sniper."



#DumbAssNews - Stuffed Dog Drug Mule

During Chaz and AJ Dumb Ass News, a couple of meth dealers attempted to smuggle drugs in with a stuffed dog.


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