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The Tribe Helps A Vet, AJ In The Hospital, The Guy Who Killed Bin Laden
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AJ in the hospital


 Russell, a 12-year veteran of the Army, was on with Chaz and AJ this morning explaining the difficulties he's had with injuries and PTSD. The Tribe heard this and called in to help Russell in every way imaginable.



Dummy Grenades, Tabasco Bombs, Fish Hooks

The Tribe kept calling in their military service stories, as Chaz and AJ continue to celebrate Veteran's Day all week. Mike's father used dummy grenades to scare tougher recruits, Al concocted a new kind of alarm clock, and Mark shared his tale of revenge.


The Worst Governor in the United States

In Chaz and AJ news, an email from Joshua sent Chaz into another rant about Governor Malloy, who is now the worst Governor in the United States.



Robert O'Neill on Killing Osama bin Laden

Chaz and AJ have been running old interviews all week leading up to Veteran's Day. Today, Navy SEAL Robert O'Neill details the mission that led to him shooting Osama bin Laden in the head.



AJ Live From the Hospital

AJ was out again today, because he was sent to the hospital by Dr. Rao. Turns out, AJ might have diverticulitis, and was on the phone live from his hospital bed.



No Veteran's Day?

Amy called Chaz and AJ this morning, upset and confused after her daughter's school canceled a planned appearance by a 94-year-old Iwo Jima survivor. The reason? One of the students doesn't observe holidays, including Veteran's Day.



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