He Just Attacked Me! He Just Attacked Me!

The New Haven School Board Duel: Chaz and AJ News was derailed when no one could move past the New Haven School Board fight audio.



Anne K. Howard on The New Britain Serial Killer

Chaz and AJ had Anne K. Howard in studio to share her conversations with the New Britain Serial Killer. She brought in exclusive audio from one of those conversations.


Black Friday Complainers

First, Chaz and AJ spoke to Henry, who called Black Friday shoppers the worst people in the world. Then, Hannah countered that by complaining about Black Friday retailers not being polite enough.



Hartford's Mayor Considering Gubernatorial Run

Chaz and AJ were dumbfounded that Hartford's Mayor Luke Bronin would consider a run for Governor.


#DumbAssNews - Bull Fighter Gored

Chaz and AJ are always rooting for the bull. During Dumb Ass News, they report on the latest incident of a bull-fighter losing to the bull.