Teresa the Psychic Roasts The Crew, Predicts Nothing.

Hard to pick a favorite part of this one. Chaz and AJ invited Teresa the psychic to come in a give everyone a reading. She roasted Chaz, praised AJ's feet, chastised Pam's work ethic, ruined Phil's Christmas, and called Tom G's feet "dainty."



Tom G's "Holiday" Safety Tips

Chaz and AJ invited Tom G from the Stamford Fire Department in to share his holiday safety tips. Only problem was Pam maybe, sorta, kinda forget to say "holiday" safety tips.


How AJ Wants His Funeral Planned

 AJ was back on the air with Chaz and AJ this morning, and after talking about his father, he put together what his perfect funeral would be when he dies.


Chaz's Funeral Playlist

Chaz and AJ already discussed AJ's funeral plans, so Chaz admitted he's already made a funeral playlist.



Governor Malloy vs. Milford

In news, Chaz and AJ had audio from the Governor's most recent press conference. He addressed the Silver Sands dispute in Milford, the XL Center in Hartford, and what his job will be a year from now.