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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 9/12/13
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Michael "Motts" Pelazza - mail carrier/comedian, in the studio, ranted about what comes with the territory being a mailman roaming your neighborhood plus taking on the Tribe's calls about tips, turkey and tasers.
Governor Dannel P. Malloy - on the phone spoke to us about his impactful 9/11 story, plus he took on the Tribe's questions about keeping jobs here in CT, bring back tolls, and gas tax prices.
Pam Roxbury - our traffic girl, was the next victim strapped in for "Shock Collar Trivia", the topic she asked for was "Animals?" for the Tribe.
Scot Haney - weather guy WFSB Ch 3, called in with stories about his golf game, twerking, his producer Jamie, plus this weekend's temperature's extreme change from high 80's to low 30's.
Brad Bertele - pilot/promoter for Blackhorse 4 Heroes in the studio, sponsoring the upcoming "Blackhorse Fundraising Event For Veterans", this event of fine dining, live music, and auctions will happen on Sept 28 at the Sikorsky Hanger in Bpt.
Savannah-Chatham Metro West Chatham Precinct detectives are seeking the public's help in identifying and locating a woman who started a fire in a Wal-Mart store to create a diversion for theft.  Officials say on Aug. 20 around noon, an unidentified woman started a fire at the Wal-Mart at 6000 Ogeechee Road to allow herself to leave with a basketful of stolen items.
Top 10: Shop-Lifting Methods 
1) Use a large open shopping bag (from the store you're in or another store). 
2) Putting merchandise into a large purse.
3) Put items in a baby carriage or stroller. 
4) Grab items off rack - run out of store ("Grab and Run"). 
5) Place items in rolled up newspaper.
6) Hide merchandise inside an umbrella.
7) Fitting room: Change into item, walk out of store.
8) Put merchandise in pocket, coat, baggy jeans or under clothing you're wearing. 
9) Create diversion - leave with merchandise during chaos 
10) Crotch-Walking: Putting items under skirt/dress between legs - slowly walk out
Q: Over half of the people who own one, don't use their for what it was intended. What is it?
A: A Garage....(hint was, "I Use Mine Every-Day_!")

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