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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 9/26/13
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Tracy Morgan - comedian, on the phone this morning, he didn't want to discuss Dave Chapelle, but he did talk sleeping patterns and calling Chaz out by asking him "What are you a Freak?!", check out his upcoming tour coming to The Palace-Stamford Center for the Arts tonight.
J.T. - Beardsley Park Zoo official, called in with his take of what proper precautions were taken with the roaming "Moose on the Loose" in New Britain.
Gary Bimonte - co-ownwer/chef at Pepe's Pizzeria, brought in the greatest pizza on the planet and offering his advice to the Tribe, on how to create one at home.
Scot Haney - weather guy WFSB Ch 3, called in with news about elephants at the Durham Fair, plus letting everybody know how stunning the weather outlook for this weekend is going to be in our favor, no clouds or rain. 
Tami Jackson and Erika Shea - in the studio, both girls are sponsoring the Milford Oktoberfest at the Rotary Pavilion at Fowler Field this Saturday, Sept 28th.
Ronald Webb aka Wingnut the intern, took on "Shock Collar Trivia" being a character himself he took on the Tribe's Q&A topic about Disney, Ouch!
...also "Kookin for Kids" will happen at the Elk's Lodge in Milford on October 3rd from 6p to 9p, this will help support Good Shepherd & East Shore Child Development Centers...tix available: (203)-874-8232 or (203)-877-4343.
You've probably engaged in personal conversations at work around the water cooler about all sorts of idle chit chat, but one Michigan local township office wants to eliminate that chatter for good. A new policy would mean Flushing Township employees can only talk business during business hours. Now, some employees have come forward to say that this is a violation of their most basic right. Under the new rules, employees can only talk business while they're on the clock. Supervisor Rian Birchmeier put the new policy in place in late July. Employees believe the new rules hurt morale in the workplace.
Top 10: Things Workers Do That Tick Off The Boss
1) Habitually come to work late. 
2) Call in sick too often. 
3) Stand around talking/visiting with each other.
4) Take too many breaks. (smoking, bathroom) 
5) Chat on the phone. (non-work related personal calls) 
6) Take too long on lunch break. 
7) Check emails/Facebook. 
8) Leave early. 
9) Have a low productivity rate.
10) Complain about their job.
Q: If you amongst the almost 10%, you did this in high school. What did you do?
A: Forge Your Parent's Signature...(hint was: nobody will ever know)

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