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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 9/27/13
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RC Smith - One of Chaz and AJ's favorite comedians was hanging in studio this morning talking about crying while watching Mariano Rivera say goodbye to Yankee fans last night, and promoted his shows this weekend at Joker's Wild.
Brian Averna - Chef Averna was in studio to talk about all the times he accidentally 'shipped' his pants. 

AJ's TOP 10 LIST: 
Middletown police arrested a man who they said had a car full of chocolate, dozens of snack cakes and lollipops, all made with marijuana. Police said they stopped Michael Mikolinksi, 23, of Coventry, Rhode Island, at Pine and Wadsworth streets in Middletown at 8:12 p.m. on Wednesday because a taillight was not working and he seemed extremely nervous and evasive. During a pat down, the officer found hash oil in Mikolinski’s pocket and placed the suspect in handcuffs after he admitted it was a narcotic.Two-heat sealed bags that contained five bags of marijuana each and a cooler were in the car. Inside the cooler, police found a large bell-shaped piece of chocolate that smelled like marijuana, police said. He told police that his mother had made it and that he picked it up in Cheshire before traveling to Middletown, according to the arraignment report. In all, police found five bell-shaped chocolates, 15 smaller square chocolates, seven lollipops and 24 homemade Twinkies in tin foil.
Top 10: Stoner Foods Of All Time:
1) Doritos Chips (any flavor - large bags a must)
2) Ramen Noodles (toss in some hot sauce for the ultimate stoner gourmet meal)
3) Capn' Crunch Cereal (the whole box, maaan...)
4) "Brownies" (not the kind kids should eat... Not endorsed by Duncan Hines)
5) Pop Tarts (their not just for the Olympic teams anymore...)
6) Goldfish Crackers (dude, the whole school's in my mouth... How awesome is that?)
7) "Homemade Cookies" (chocolate chip pot laced cookies... Can't eat just one)
8) Cheese Balls (the name alone will make you laugh for hours)
9) Pizza Rolls (hot... Mmm... Hot... Mmm... Hot... Mmmm... Hot...)
10) Combos (a design straight from the stoners baker's recipe book)

Q: food is the number one Facebook topic, what’s number two?
A: Going to the gym 
(Hint: Can’t have one without the other)


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