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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/10/13
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Dannel Malloy - CT's Governor was in studio, playing shock collar trivia with Magilla, and answering the Tribe's questions.
Scot Haney - Channel 3 Eyewitness News Meteorologist achieved a new level of fame when he mistakenly ate cat vomit off the floor - while live on TV.
Hugh Keefe and Tara Knight - Super Attorneys and power couple were in studio to talk about Bonnie Foreshaw being granted clemency and other notable court cases. 
Peter Berube and Megan Altomare - Both were in studio to talk about the 3rd Annual Pumpkins on the Pier event, to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Milford.  


We're now at Day 10 of the Government Shutdown. It's been days since furloughed workers were doing their job, and they have to be getting restless with nothing to do by this point in time. As a service, here's a suggestion as to what to do to keep occupied (without straining themselves... after all, they DO work for the Government)

Top 10: Longest Running Movies Ever Made (To pass the time during your Government Shutdown Furlough)
1) Gone With the Wind: 238 minutes - 1939 American classic shares the turbulent love story of a manipulative but beautiful woman Scarlett and her roguish lover Rhett during the American Civil War and Reconstruction period.
2) Once Upon a Time in America: 220 minutes - 1984 DeNiro movie is an Italian drama about Noodles and his band of Jewish youngsters, about childhood friendships, greed, lust, betrayal and organized crime in rough New York City.
3) Lawrence of Arabia: 216 minutes - This 1962 movie is the story of T. E. Lawrence, a controversial and flamboyant British army officer and his military escapades during World war I that helped bring about the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
4) Ben Hur: 212 minutes - This 1959 epic drama tells the story of a Jewish royalty who suffered betrayal in the hands of a dear friend and was committed to slavery. After regaining his freedom, he comes back with a vengeance.
5) Seven Samurai: 207 minutes - 1954 movie is the story of seven unemployed samurai and how they saved their poor village from attacks by bandits.
6) Malcolm X: 202 minutes - Story of the famous African American leader, Malcolm Little, who became a gangster, was jailed and discovered Islam while in jail and later died as a Muslim martyr.
7) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: 201 minutes - 2003 movie is the concluding part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy where Aragom and Gandalf led the world of men against the army of Sauron.
8) Godfather: Part II: 200 minutes - 1974 film of Vito Corleone and how his son Michael expanded their crime syndicate from Lake Tahoe to Cuba.
9) Schindler’s List: 195 minutes - 1993 movie depicts the persecution and mass killing of Jews in Germany during the Holocaust.
10) Titanic: 194 minutes - 1997 drama about the sinking of the ill-fated RMS Titanic and the love story of Rose and Jack.


Q: 400 thousand car accidents were caused because people say they were distracted by this. What?

A: Christmas Lights

(Hint: only when working)


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