Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/11/13

Mayor Mark Boughton - Danbury's Mayor was sitting in discussing his exploratory committee to run for Governor.
Derby Mayor Staffieri and Ansonia Mayor James Della Volpe - Both Derby and Ansonia High School football teams are undefeated (4-0) and will be playing each other tonight. The Mayors were in to make a bet that whomever lost the game, would be on the show Monday morning to sing a song. 
Staff Sergeant Mike Malarsie - Despite being blinded in an attack, Mike will be running in the 20th annual ING Marathon in Hartford this Sunday. He's leading Team Fidelco, to support Fidelco Guide Dogs Foundation. 

AJ's TOP 10 LIST:  

We're at day 11 of the Government Shutdown... here are some things you can let go for that long.

Top 10: Things You Can't Stop Doing For 11 Days
1) Breathing
2) Eating
3) Drinking water
4) Making a bill payment
5) Watering a plant
6) Showing up for work/boss
7) Having sex (of any kind)
8) Talking to your spouse
9) Taking care of a gas leak in your house
10) Showing up for a court date


Q: When it comes to doing this, 40% of women claim they break out in a cold sweat. What is it?

A: Pararell park

(Hint: not even close)