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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/17/13
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Chris Toole, chicken farmer in Bridgeport, along with his partner Anya, on the phone with his plea trying to save his poultry party on his property... cluck
Jimmy Koplik - concert promoter with Live Nation, was called to announce the latest news of what concerts would be coming to our area, including Elton John and Pearl Jam.
Scot Haney - weather guy WFSB Ch 3, on the phone with the aftermath of his controversial eating habits, then filled us in with wet weekend outlook.
Paul O'Neill - with the Trans-Siberia Orchestra, on the phone bringing great news about his tour coming to both the XL Center in Hartford, and the Mohegan Sun Casino.
... also "Cuts for Tuck" Cut-A-Thon will be hosted at Sylvia's Colour & Design in Southbury on Sat Oct 20th to help fund the Tucker Gowen Memorial Scholarship Fund.
AJ's TOP 10 LIST: 
Police say a Seattle fast-food customer who wanted three packets of ranch dressing but learned he would have to pay for the third flew into a rage and attacked a 68-year-old man who tried to calm things down. Police say the ranch fan at the Jack in the Box restaurant started yelling about being overcharged when he was told the third packet would cost 25 cents. Trying to prevent a scene, the cashier gave the customer a third container of dressing Monday but that didn't sooth him. At that point, a 68-year-old customer who had heard all this stepped in but the irate customer shoved that man to the ground. Police say the 68-year-old was not seriously hurt.
Top 10: Fast Food Worker Pet Peeves
1) Those microphones at the ordering station: we get irritated at the person talking through the microphone, who simply will not speak clearly. Or loudly enough. Or too loud.
2) Incorrect orders/ / forgotten items in bag at Drive Thru: finding out when you're miles away that everything you ordered is not included. Or worse...you have someone else's stuff.
3) Incorrect Change: you want MORE of my money ? 
4) Having to pull to the side, and wait for your order: They advertise it, why won't they have enough ready?
5) Drinks that drip, tops that weren't secured: if I wanted a bath, I'd do it at home.
6) No napkins / single napkin: It's a messy meal. Why wouldn't you make sure I'm covered?
7) No straw in bag: it has a lid. It needs a straw. Otherwise, it will spill. Get it?
8) Items in bag not loaded properly: I want my fires to stay in their container, just like the photo. Not all over the bag.
9) Slow workers at drive thru: I only have so much time for lunch. Why have the slowest or person who can't speak English work the drive thru at peak hours?
10) The "would you like to donate?" request when you order: I have no money. That's why I eat here. You have a dollar menu.
Q: On average, we all do this over 30 times in a single day, What is it?
A: Touch your own face.  (hint was: you have something with a child actor.)

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