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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/18/13
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Richard Lewis - Prince of Pain, was in and amazed us with his hysterical content, check him out live at Ridgefield Playhouse tonight!
David Browne - journalist Rolling Stone mag, on the phone had discussed the latest nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, who gets his vote?
Anne Rice - author of "Interview with a Vampire", on the phone, gave us the goth talk we all needed this season, she will be signing her new book "The Wolves of Midwinter" at R.J. Julia in Madison.
Melinda Stewart - from the Bucket List Bunch, in the studio, she took calls from the Tribe of what would be your ultimate goal in life to accomplish before kicking that bucket.
Maybe Adam Lester really had to go to the bathroom.That’s what Lester, 26, told the police officer who had just clocked his motorcycle at 140 mph Tuesday night on the McNaughton Bridge, police said. He had to wait until the officer took him to police headquarters under arrest for speeding more than 40 mph over the limit and fleeing and attempting to elude police, both misdemeanors, as well as other traffic violations. The officer also cited Lester for endangering the safety of a minor, the 16-year-old girl who clung to him as his passenger on the high-speed ride. That charge, however, was not included among those a prosecutor filed Wednesday in Tazewell County Circuit Court.
Top 10: Excuses for Speeding
1. Bathroom emergency.
2. An emergency at home/child sick at school.
3. Left something on at home. (stove, iron, etc)
4. Can't be late for work again or get fired.
5. Wife having a baby/heading to hospital.
6. Thought I was being chased/followed.
7. Speedometer is broken/faulty
8. Don't know what the speed limit is/didn't see signs posted.
9. Everyone else was doing that speed/keeping up with traffic.
10. Just didn't realize I was speeding.
Q: Over 50% of men think that this is the first thing people notice about them, What is it?
A: Their Cell Phone. (hint was: there's no "I" in "Me".)

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