Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/22/13

Norm Pattis - In studio this morning for "Ask A.." lawyer. Norm took calls from Tribe and offered free legal advice on the air.  
Brandon Dufour - It's National Teen Driver Safety Awareness Week, so Brandon, the GM of All-Star Driver was in studio to share driving stories with the Tribe.
Danielle Biele - A Senior student at Danbury High School called in to promote the school's participation with State Farm for Teen Driver Safety Awareness Week in the "Celebrate My Drive" competition. DHS is up against over 3,000 other schools - help them win a $100,000 grand prize or a Kelly Clarkson concert, by pledging at 

AJ's TOP 10 LIST: 

Lou Scheimer, a pioneer in Saturday morning and weekday afternoon television cartoons with hit shows such as "Superman," "Fat Albert" and "He-Man," has died Thursday at 84, according to his biographer. Scheimer was a founder of Filmation, which began producing Saturday morning staples, including superhero stories and an animated version of "Star Trek."

Top 10: TV Cartoons of the 1970's
1) Scooby Doo (Where Are You?) (Hanna-Barbera) 1969-86
2) Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids (Filmation) 1972-85
3) Hong Kong Phooey (Hanna-Barbera) 1974
4) Super Friends (Hanna-Barbera) 1973-86
5) The Funky Phantom (Hanna-Barbera) 1971-72
6) Josie and The Pussycats (Hanna-Barbera) 1970-73 (Re-runs until '76)
7) The Harlem Globetrotters (Hanna-Barbera) 1970-72
8) Captain Caveman & The Teen Angels (Hanna-Barbera) 1977-80
9) Wait 'Till Your Father Gets Home (Hanna- Barbera) 1972-74
10) The Jackson 5 (Rankin-Bass) 1971-72


Q: Almost 50% of brides say this is their biggest wedding day fear. What is it?

A: The best man speech

(Hint: Choose your words carefully)