Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/25/13

Michael Bielawa - Author of "Wicked New Haven" was in to talk about the most haunted places in the Elm City.
Dom Fig - The comedian was hanging out in studio promoting his show at Mohegan's Cabaret Theater for the TreeHouse Comedy 30th Anniversary show.  

AJ's TOP 10 LIST:  

A Houston dog got into her owner's cash bin. While she was at the grocery store Friday, 5-year-old Misty got into a tin filled with cash and ate $54. The owner couldn't believe a mountain of cash was in her dog's stomach. Worried the money would get caught in her stomach, the owner brought Misty to the vet. The vet gave Misty medicine to induce vomiting. And eventually they got all of her money back. "I said to the vet, 'Can I pay you in cash? Her owner says that is the last time Misty will be left alone in their room. 

Top 10: Things Found In Your House That Dogs Will Eat (Non-Food)
1) Money
2) Jewelry
3) Small Toys
4) Batteries
5) Keys
6) "Litter Box" Contents
7) Socks/Underwear
8) Stationary
9) Recreational, Over the Counter or Prescription Medication
10) Used Diapers/Sanitary Products 


Q: Guys, if you want to mess up a new relationship, then make this number one mistake. What is it? 

A: Call her too much 

(Hint: it’s meee…)