Chaz and AJ Weblog - 10/8/13

Steve Zion "The Z Man" - President of the Connecticut Toyota Dealers Association, in the studio, talked about helping veterans connect with employers with the “Hiring Our Heroes” job fairs coming up in our area: on Tuesday, October 22, 2013: Hiring Fair: 10 AM to 1 PM (Workshop begins at 9 AM) – at The Lyceum: 227 Lawrence Street, Hartford, CT, There is another on January 28, 2014: Hiring Fair: 10 AM to 1 PM (Workshop begins at 9 AM) – at Groton Inn & Suites: 99 Gold Star Highway, Groton, CT.
The Personal Branding Resume Engine (the first-of-its-kind) is a free online tool which will help veterans convert their military skills and experiences into a strong, civilian friendly resume. Toyota and Hiring Our Heroes also created the “eMentor program,” which matches veteran job seekers with career mentors. 
Daniel C. Esty - In for "Ask A.." CT D.E.E.P. Commissioner, he took on questions from the Tribe about keeping our wildlife safe, with talk of moose, mountain lions, deer, wolves, and bears with hoping to broaden the season for hunting. Also, talk on natural gas, oil and propane plus how we can economize our energy.
Pam took on Shock Collar Trivia, the Tribe asked the questions about "Dumb and Dumber" the movie, she was actually zapped for not answering a previous question the second time around.
"Pumpkins on the Pier" will be happening this Saturday October 12, at Walnut Beach in Milford, this pumpkin fun filled family festival begins at 11 am and throughout the day there are activities and contests for every member of the family, following with the lighting of the pier, plus an all new fireworks extravaganza at dusk.

In Somerville, Mass where the concoction was invented, the eighth annual "What the Fluff?" festival drew about 11,000 people last weekend. Enthusiasts ate Fluff-inspired food and participated in a Fluff "Lick-Off" contest, Fluff bowling and Sticky Musical Chairs. The gooey, sugary marshmallow treat invented almost a century ago is still enormously popular, despite concerns about childhood obesity. Last year, the company that makes Marshmallow Fluff sold about 8 million pounds of the white creme, and a bill to make the Fluffernutter - Peanut Butter & Fluff on bread - the official state sandwich has been reintroduced in the Legislature.
Top 10: Greatest After School Snacks
1) The Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich 
2) The Fluffernutter Sandwich 
3) Hostess Snack Cakes 
4) Rice Krispies Marshmallow Squares 
5) Tostino Pizza Rolls
6) Nutella 
7) Hot Pockets
8) Mini-Microwave Pizzas
9) Little Debbie Snack Cakes
10) Kelloggs' Pop Tarts


Q: Almost 50% of parents admit that they will do this when their kids aren't around. What is it?

A: Watch Cartoons...(hint was: It's even better in PJ's.)