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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 11/4/13
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Jillian Soto - Vicki's younger sister was on the phone this morning to recap the Inaugural Vicki Soto 5K from Saturday. Over 2,000 runners participated, and they managed to raise around $50,000 for her foundation.  
Joe Linta - As an NFL Agent, Joe was in studio breaking down all the week 9 games, and talking about the Miami Dolphins controversy. 
Senator Richard Blumenthal - In studio taking calls from the Tribe and talking about the end of the Government shut down. 

AJ's TOP 10: 

Managers at the state Department of Motor Vehicles say in a new internal survey that they think employees at branches who deal with the public should dress more appropriately. “Too many jeans,” one manager wrote. The DMV says they were done in a sober effort to gauge how it's presenting itself to the public. What prompted this current self-examination? “This policy is 12 years old and that's one of the reasons we are surveying staff. We want to see if there is some updating or clarification needed,” DMV spokesman William Seymour said Friday, adding that styles in work attire are evolving. “In addition, we have received complaints from customers and others about how employees dress. We wanted to start a discussion… and see what kinds of recommendations come from the employees themselves.” 

Top 10: Things Not To Wear At Work 
1. Sneakers. Of all the items not to wear to work, athletic footwear ranks highest in its ability to put a sweat sock in your career. 
2. Flip-flops. Another shoe-in for demotion is the Flip Flop. Perhaps it’s the incessant clippity-clop of sole smacking heel. Or maybe it’s the shameless baring of feet. Most feel flip-flops aren’t actual sandals. 
3. Too much make up. Don’t become a caricature of Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. Never use electric blue eye shadow or mascara at work. 
4. Animal print. Let’s play word association! Mrs. Robinson. Office cougar. Cougar-in-training (if you look young enough to get carded at the liquor store.) 
5. Negligees. Tops that belong to midnight visits in trench coats can’t do double duty at the office, even if you tuck them under a blazer. 
6. Tight tops and pants ensemble, unless you work for the circus and walk a tightrope, perhaps then it’s justified. Balance it out with a long and loose top layer. 
7. Heavy perfume, cologne or aftershave. Best to avoid the cheap stuff. What it lacks in price, it makes up for in punch. 
8. T-shirts with decals that make political statements, religious references, or crude, dirty jokes. You’re sure to offend somebody. 
9. Sweats, Tracksuits. Mall mommies will revolt and demand their uniform back. 
10. Low-waist pants. Other than your gastroenterologist, no one at work wants to see your crack or your ratty old thong unceremonious riding up it. Wear a long enough shirt. 


Q: Just over half of all men say this, is a definite turn on. What is it? 

A: Female Super Heroes 

(Hint: She has the power)

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