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We all have our Christmas traditions. But nothing is as whacky as the traditions from other countries. A few of my favorites:

Catalonia A small figure of a defecating man (Caganer) is hidden in nativity scenes in Catalonia and children have to find it to win a prize. They also have the Tió de Nadal, otherwise known as the pooping log. The poo log is decorated with a face and blanket and on Christmas Eve it is placed halfway into a fire and beaten with sticks.


South Africa On Christmas Day, South Africans tuck into the deep-fried caterpillars of the Emperor Moth. Also South African children are told the story of Danny, a young boy who angered his grandmother by eating the cookies that had been left for Santa. In her rage she killed him, and he is said to haunt homes at Christmas.


Norway Cleaning is banned on Christmas Eve in Norway - all brooms are safely hidden away, in case they’re stolen by witches and evil spirits

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