Chaz and AJ Weblog - 8/15/13

Lisa Lynn - fitness expert, in the studio, she had put our own Magilla through some strenuous excercise's , she also us gave tips and things to do during mealtime.
Magilla - PLR/Fox/CTBoom, back in the studio for Shock Collar Trivia, he took on the Tribe's questions about Baseball Movie Trivia - Zap!
Mark D. Boughton - Mayor of Danbury, on the phone, with some news that he had launched a committee for exploring his run for governor of CT.
A.J. Maida - of Papa's Dodge in Hartford, in the studio, with upcoming news of the Aug 24-25 Dream Cruise and Wrangler Rally charity event that will benefit the Special Olympics, with food, fun, games and guests include auto expert Wayne Carini, and the New England Patriots cheerleaders.
There's nothing quite like riding a Big Wheel. The children of the '70s can relive their days of cruising the neighborhood to the tree house with the High Roll Adult Size Big Wheel. It is available for purchase and "race ready," according to High Roller USA. It is made for riders from 5'2" to 6'6" and can hold up to 275 pounds, according to the manufacturer specs. The website listed the Adult Big Wheel among its best finds at the Outdoor Retailer show in August. At $599.99, the trike has a grown-up price tag.
TOP 10: TOYS OF THE 1970'S
1. Atari VCS 2600 - Founded in 1972, Atari Inc. was a pioneer in arcade games, home video games and computers.Their work opened the way for the more advanced home video game systems we now know.
2. Rubik's Cube - Creator, Erno Rubik, built a cube, the Cube, in 1974. In 1979, the Ideal Toy Corporation went to Hungary to see the toy actually in play. One million Cube were originally ordered.
3. Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle - In 1973, Ideal released the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle. After the release of the Stunt Cycle, the Knievel toys were the best selling item for Ideal.
4. Big Wheel - Introduced by Louis Marx & Company in 1969 , the Big Wheel was a very popular toy in the 1970s partly because of its low cost and partly because consumer groups said it was a safer alternative to the traditional tricycle or bicycle.
5. Star Wars Action Figures - When the movie was released in May 1977, the only acceptable toy would be an action figure line.
6. NERF Balls - Commercials told children that they could throw it indoors and it would not break lamps or windows or even hurt babies. Over four million were sold the first year.
7. Stretch Armstrong - Gel-filled action figure first introduced in 1976 by Kenner in the shape of a short, well-muscled blonde man wearing a pair of trunks. The doll's most notable feature was that it could be stretched from its original size (about 15 inches) to four or five feet.
8. Sit N Spin - first introduced in the 1970s, It features a large circular two-part plastic base. A child sits on this part of the base, straddling the pole, and turns the disk, spinning the child in the other direction.
9. Kenner's SSP "Smash-up Derby" Set - Introduced in 1973, Included 2 ramps, 2 blow apart vehicles, 2 T strips and 16 replaceable pieces!
10. G.I. Joe w/ The "Kung-Fu Grip" - In 1974, named after the increasingly popular martial art, Hasbro introduced "Kung-Fu Grip" to the G.I. Joe line.The hands were molded in a softer plastic that allowed the fingers to grip objects in a more lifelike fashion.
Q: What have 1 in 10 pet owners admitted to doing with their pet?
A: Showered with it.