Chaz and AJ Weblog - 8/21/13

Mary Ellen Fillo - columnist/blogger for Hartford Courant, she joined the Crew with "Dumb Ass News" and other hot topics, including some heartfelt advice for Pam.
Dr. Patty Ann - relationship expert, she took on Q & A with the Tribe by offering her advice on this weeks' topic of "What Annoys You about Your Partner".
A Darien woman is facing multiple charges after police said she bit a male officer following a car accident. The woman was arrested on charges of allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to signal, assault on police officer, second-degree breach of peace and interfering with an arrest. Police were called to a car accident after the 2005 Subaru Legacy she was driving landed nose down on a resident's lawn. Police believed the woman was intoxicated because she was swaying while standing and slurring her words. When police tried to take her into custody, they said she began to scream profanity at officers, tore off her shirt, and threw it at a female officer. Officers attempted to subdue her, and she began to fight and thrash around, kicking the officers and attempting to punch the female officer. When the officers brought her in to be processed, she kicked at them and continued to yell, the report stated. While officers attempted to restrain Richards, she bit one in the elbow.
Top 10: What Not To Do When Being Arrested By The Police
1) Do not yell/scream/become agitated.
2) Do not attempt to walk or run away. 
3) Do not become physical/combative/resist. 
4) Do not try to bribe the officer (money or sexual favors).
5) Do not try to cause others to help you/incite you. 
6) Do not say anything that will incriminate you. 
7) Do not produce a weapon. 
8) Do not try to use other's influence (drop names) or say "Do you know who I am?" 
9) Do not allow search without a warrant. 
10) Do not attempt to hide or destroy any on scene evidence.
Q: 200 times a year is the average for folks in their mid 40's. What is it?
A: Going Out To Eat.