Chaz and AJ Weblog - 9/19/13

Mayor John Piccard - of West Haven, on the phone, told us he was considering running to be a write-in candidate, after losing by 13 votes in Tuesday's primary.
Attorney General George Jepsen - in the studio, he took calls from the Tribe plus what he can do to help you, the consumer. You can also contact him here with your questions, call (860) 808-5318.
Peter Bush - afternoon drive D.J. on 95.9 the Fox - was the next victim strapped in for "Shock Collar Trivia", our own Steve Soyland (marketing and promotions) pushing the remote on each wrong answer about "Classic Cars".
Scot Haney - weather guy WFSB Ch 3, called in with his news about Big Brother's final episode of the season, plus this weekend's outlook being in the '70s and a chance for showers.
John Emra - AT&T president of CT, in the studio this morning, with today's news being "Pledge Day" with public awareness about the "Dangers of Texting While Driving", more info, check out:
A man who openly masturbated on a Stockholm beach has been acquitted of sexual assault in court after it was ruled he was not targeting a specific person, with the prosecutor saying it's "okay" to play with yourself in public. The incident occurred on June 6th at the Drevviken beach when the man removed his shorts and began wearing his Journey T-Shirt close to the water. The Södertörn District Court has now acquitted the 65-year old in a judgement which stated that it "may be proven that the man exposed himself and did this act on this occasion".
Top 10: Places Where People Have Been Caught "Wearing Their Journey T-Shirt"
1) A Police Station - When Darrell Moore showed up to the police station in Omaha, Nebraska, he revealed he had just witnessed a murder. And then, the 53 year old man took off his pants and did the act in front of the police officers until he was finally restrained.
2) A Public Bus - Public transportation is always a hot bed for crazies, but Jared Weston Walker might take the cake. He was caught playing with himself on the bus.
3) A St. Patrick's Day Parade - A 39 year old male was caught by a security guard at the event. He also admitted to not only being drunk, but also high on meth.
4) A Public Beach - Elijah Slocumb, who is aptly named, was caught pleasing himself on Smathers Beach in Florida. According to sources, the 35-year-old’s “whole body was shaking” as he exposed himself to the public beach-goers.
5) A Police Car- Former Santa Fe officer Mike Eiskant was caught on dashboard camera handling his own baton in his police cruiser.
6) A Complete Stranger's House - Gregory Matthew Bruni, who was hanging out naked on a homeowner's roof, went into the house and wreck havoc. Bruni not only did it inside the house, but also then defecated in various spots around the couple’s abode too.
7) In a Car Going 90 MPH - William Blakely, the former Mount Carmel, Tennessee Vice Mayor, was fondling himself as he sped down the interstate. He was also arrested earlier in the year for a similar incident.
8) In a Public Library - Tyree Carter should have spent more time reading in the library and less time doing less studious activities. He was caught openly playing with himself in Racine Public Library in Racine, Wisconsin.
9) In a Firehouse - Nicholas Gonzales was feeling a little frisky one night in Kentucky, so the 27-year-old decided to break into a firehouse and pleasure himself all over the firefighter's gear.
10) Outside a Convenience Store - If you’re going to do it in public, you at least have to fess up to it once you get caught. Unfortunately, Scott E. Smith wasn’t man enough to do so. Instead, Smith told cops that his “weiner was only out because my pants shrunk.”
Q: $58 Billion Dollars is spent per year on these in America. What are they?
A: Lottery Tickets...(hint was: what it takes to get some.)