Chaz and AJ Weblog - 9/6/13

Jamie - senior producer CBS Better Connecticut, joins the crew on some hot topics, great songs about a FOX plus she defends Pam from the people who don't know what they are talking about.
Fred Garrity - CT United Ride, in the studio, he gave the us the head's up about Connecticut Largest Annual 9/11 tribute ride this Sunday September 8, starting in Norwalk and riding through 11 towns of Fairfield County.
Pop singer Jennifer Lopez, will be returning to "American Idol," joining new judge Grammy and Emmy award-winning singer Harry Connick Jr. and veteran Keith Urban on the popular TV singing competition, Fox Broadcasting said. Randy Jackson, who has been on the judging panel since the show started in 2002 and announced he would be leaving earlier this year, will return as an in-house mentor for the show's 13th season in January.
Top 10: TV Shows That Need To Go
1) American Idol - New judges haven't helped. The show needed Simon Cowell, and it should have ended when he left. Steven Tyler was mildly amusing, but even he couldn't keep it going. ratings are slipping, put it to rest already.
2) Dancing with the Stars - Celebrities that we don't care enough about, pitted in a stupid dance competition. We had something like this years ago: Battle of the Network Stars.
3) Grey's Anatomy - They think that if they add more twists, more stupid drama and more and more problems that end up going nowhere so they think they somehow will save the show and get people to be interested on it once again. And it doesn’t work.
4) The Big Bang Theory - It used to be a series about a bunch of nerdy guys, to a series about a nerd guy with an impossible love and so on. Now it’s just another series about romantic relationships between the characters with some references to the geek culture once in a while.
5) True Blood - It had its share of views and fans (after all, it’s an HBO production, which always have some form of quality standards) but now things seem to be going through tough times.
6) South Park - It seems impossible that South Park has an episode without mentioning at least 3 things that are current news and “mocking” celebrities; if it’s a twitter trend or something popular now, they’ll make an episode about it, and it seems to be that all originality has left the long running series.
7) The Simpsons - We’ve reached a time in which people don’t even hate them, they just don’t care anymore about them, they jump the shark at least 3 times every season in a way that feels like how Mr. Burns extends his life.8) The Real World - The Real World is that “jewel” that spawned all of those reality shows like a wet gremlin, and thanks to this show we have now a whole generation of awful people who think behaving like complete morons and spend their time destroying the minds of countless generations.
9) Two and a Half Men - It seems like there is no more effort into the show. It gets really repetitive very quickly and most of the characters that used to be likable or funny now are annoying as hell, and does not even follow the show’s name since Jake is now an adult.
10) GLEE - Glee has been dragged on for such a long time that you would think that they might consider ending a story that we have all seen a million times before.
Q: You go through about 10,000 gallons of the in a lifetime. What?
A: Saliva ... (hint was... your dog probably does it more)