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A Broward County charter school teacher is facing battery charges after she allegedly forced a 10-year-old student to clean a dirty urinal that she thought the student clogged, according to the Coral Springs Police Department. Jennifer Forshey, who teaches third grade at Broward Community Charter School West, according to the school’s website, is accused of battery on a child by exposing the child to urine. According to the arrest report, Forshey accused a 10-year-old boy of clogging the drain in a urinal in the boys bathroom on day last week. Police say she ordered the boy to use his hands to remove the paper towels filled with urine from unknown students.


TOP 10: Most Common Ways in Which Teachers Punish Students

 1. Getting whacked with a ruler or pointer : The teacher cracks students across the knuckles for bad behavior or gives a ruler strike across the palms.

2. Getting sent to the Principal's office: Walking down the empty hallway to the big boss of the school is normally enough to calm down most kids. Plus, Parents were usually called, making the trip to the office even more foreboding.

3. Calling your parents: Facing your parents in front of your teacher is a child’s nightmare. It is the most formidable thing that a student can experience.

4. Detention: Making a student stay back after school or during lunch time to do extra work.

5. Getting your desk put out in the hall: Sitting in your desk where the whole school passes can make you numb with shame. Moreover, your friends pass comments and laugh at you.

6. Getting thrown out of class: Get Out of My Class! I do not want to see your face. One can even roam out of the class while in the punishment as the teacher hardly notices.

7. Kneeling on the floor: There are several types of corporal punishments that the students have to face in school. This particular punishment was better displayed on the school ground for all the students to see and snicker.

8. Pulling of your hair, ears, etc. : Back in the day, ear pulls as well as hair pulls was a common routine. The teacher’s frustrated face used to make us giggle aggravating her anger and irritation.

9. Taking away a privilege: Whenever a class trip or a movie is organized, the mischievous students are singled out and not allowed to go along with the class missing out on all the fun and excitement.

10. Being assigned to write on the blackboard or on paper 100 times :  “I will not talk in class”, 100 times, neatly, on lined paper, is a punishment that really gets to your nerves. You just cannot get away with this one by any means. It makes your hands go fatigued.

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