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A woman was accused of leaving a loaded firearm inside the bathroom of a restaurant in Milford. Police said they received a complaint Saturday from the Red Robin on the Boston Post Road. Linda Hawkins, 56, of Bridgeport, was arrested. They said she took the gun into the restroom, where it was discovered by an employee. Investigators took the weapon and later made contact with Hawkins. They said the gun is registered. Hawkins was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment.

1. A 400 year old cat- Undoubtedly the weirdest thing every to be found in a bathroom is this 400 year old cat! Buried into the house’s walls four centuries ago, the cat is meant to protect against witchcraft. It was found when the owners of the cottage near Plymouth were renovating, who then decided to put it back after they’d finished.


2. Amy Winehouse’s Q Award for Best Album- Usually awards mean something to people, but apparently not to Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. In 2007 the readers of Q Magazine voted Back to Black the best album of the year, but Amy snubbed the ceremony. Her producer Mark Ronson picked up the award on her behalf and casually left it in the men’s toilets of a pub.


3. Drugs- It happens when either it falls from your pocket, you're under the influence, or that cop outside eyeballed you suspiciously.


4. False teeth- The better question is: WHY did they take their false teeth out, and WHAT were they doing?


5. Children- Mom's who multi-task lose points when they visit the ladies room with a newborn in a carrier, and forget to take the child after relieving themselves


6. Prosthetic limbs- One would think that you'd remember to take that arm or leg with you, but in some cases, owners did not.


7. Handguns- From absent minded gun owners to overly tired Police Officers, guns have been found in public restrooms.


8. Snakes- From Pythons in Hampshire to California King Snakes in Paisley to 4ft long Boa Constrictors in Washington, USA, there are a number of tales of people find a slithery surprise when they open the bathroom door!


9. A Possum- A man from Dallas in Texas visited his bathroom to find a LIVE baby possum starring at him. The critter had to travel about 50 ft through water filled pipes, but was otherwise fine.


10. A Baby Shark- Two women having a relaxing stroll down the beach in Beaufort, South Carolina popped into a public bathroom, and found a 3 ft long baby shark in one of the stalls. They took a picture before calling the authorities to report “a problem” with the ladies room.

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