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A dating website promising quality matches turned out to be a dud, according to a Connecticut woman.The 75-year-old said she was scammed by the website eLove.com, so she filed a lawsuit. "I was just looking for somebody pleasant," said Bernice Schaefer, an eLove client. Schaefer said she was looking for friendship. She said the people at elove.com promised to do their best to make it happen. She said she signed up for a $9,500 plan. "I was promised 16 introductions," Schaefer said. However, she said it was bad date after bad date. Over the course of two months, she said she met three men. She said all had nothing in common with her and one even showed up drunk. Adding insult to injury, she said they weren't paying members of eLove and did not match the personality tests she initially took. "We scored very high on the arts and people," Schaefer said. "But the people I met were just the opposite."




1) GETTING DRUNK- Even if you arrived sober, getting too drunk on the first date can be a bad thing. She may not find you charming, but instead...a loud, rude, obnoxious buffoon.


2) CORRECTING HER ON LITTLE THINGS- Nobody likes a know-it-all. Keep things light and playful; your goal should be to make her smile and show her a good time, not improve her grammar or knowledge of basic geography.


3) BEING INDECISIVE- Where do YOU want to go? What do YOU want to do? This is bad: Now you're burdening her with irrelevant extras and, worse, making yourself look indecisive.


4) TALKING ABOUT MONEY- Whatever your financial situation, it's not something you should be sharing on a first date.


5) BAD MANNERS- Basic manners are a must, because any breach of them will get you booted from future romance. Act like someone she can take home to her parents and she might just do that; act like a slob and you're going to find yourself with no one to interrupt.


6) MAKING CRUDE JOKES- Best-case scenario? You get lucky and get a laugh out of her. Worst-case scenario? You offend her by mocking something she holds dear, and end up with a slap to the face and an empty seat across from you in the restaurant. 


7) TALKING ABOUT YOUR "EX"- Nobody wants to be reminded of your romantic past or held up for comparison to your previous lovers. Keep that information to yourself


8) SPENDING TIME ON DATE USING YOUR SMARTPHONE- From the time you pick her up to the time you say goodnight (or good morning), keep your phone in your pocket, on silent. It's just plain-ol' being polite. No texting either.


9) PREMATURELY USING "PET NAMES"- Nicknames, pet names and other terms of endearment are great. They help you develop intimacy and give your relationship character. They're also sickening to other people and will scare off women faster than a visible cold sore if they're used too early in a relationship.

10) CHECKING OUT OTHER WOMEN- The easiest way to get water thrown in your face is to get caught checking out another woman.

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