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As if texting and driving weren't dangerous enough. A video has come out of a biker taking a selfie. It's clear her attention is not on the road, where it should be. The cell phone video shows a leopard-clad woman taking a selfie. And she's doing it with no hands on the bike. "What she's doing that's basically suicide," said Ralph Galietti, a retired Lee County deputy. He also runs the Harley Davidson store in Fort Myers. "She's going to hurt herself and somebody else." He says if she were one of his customers, he'd give her some strong advice. "She needs to take a riders course to learn what she's doing and what could happen to her or someone else."




1) AT A FUNERAL: We hate to break it to you, but it's totally creepy to see a funeral photo in your feed—especially with a coffin in the background. (Crazy enough, it happens.) 

2) WHILE DRIVING: Unless you want that to be your last photo before heading to the great beyond. It's dangerous...don't be an ass.

3) AT WORK: Posting a selfie at work is like text messaging your boss "Look how much work I'm not doing!"

4) IN A MOVIE THEATER: The people around you didn't pay good money to watch you promote your ego.

5) WHILE JOGGING / RUNNING: Unless you're looking to trip up other runners while you're pausing to smile for the camera. In that case, sure, why not. 

6) IN A BATHROOM STALL: Since you probably wouldn't invite your followers into the stall, think twice before you broadcast the selfie you take in there. 

7) WHILE SKYDIVING: It may seem cool, and like you have all the time in the world, but remember that the ground does come up pretty quick. That might be the photo taken upon impact. 

8) WHILE PULLED OVER BY THE POLICE: There's a sure fire way to annoy a police officer. Show how of little importance the whole thing is to you by grabbing a photo. 

9) IN THE DELIVERY ROOM: Your other half is already upset with you that they are going through all this pain, do you really want to risk her wrath by grabbing a photo of yourself NOW? 

10) AT ANY EMERGENCY SITUATION ( FIRE, CAR ACCIDENT ): If you plan on being in the way, put down the phone...and HELP!

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