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Bill Clinton says we may not be alone. During an appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Wednesday, the 42nd president was pressed by host Jimmy Kimmel about whether he saw any classified information while in office proving the existence of aliens. While Clinton said he had “all the Roswell papers reviewed” and found no clear evidence that aliens exist, he also said he wouldn’t be shocked if intelligent life exists outside our planet or even if extraterrestrials one day visit Earth.




1) RENDLESHAM FOREST- is one of the world's most famous UFO sightings. What makes it so fascinating is that many of the witnesses were United States Air Force personnel. This wasn’t just lights in the sky; this was a landing where a witness got close enough to touch the UFO.


2) ROSWELL- The most famous UFO sighting in history. The 1947 incident has created such a lingering legacy that speculation about what actually happened rages on to this day.

3) TOP LEVEL SCIENTISTS BELIEVE- Last year Stephen Hawking made some provocative comments saying he didn’t think that we should be trying to make contact. He said, "If we pick up an alien message: don’t reply to it, don’t start trying to broadcast our own messages trying to make contact."


4) THE GOVERNMENT TAKES IT SERIOUSLY- Over the years pilots were seeing things, air traffic controllers were picking up targets on a radar, jets were being scrambled, pilots were trying to chase these things to get a close look, so the government takes these incidents extremely seriously.


5) "NEAR MISSES" WITH COMMERCIAL AIRCRAFT- The number of near misses there have been between UFOs and commercial aircraft is quite disturbing. Both the Ministry of Defense and the Civil Aviation Authority have several cases where aircraft have come very close to being blown out of the sky.

6) UFO "HOT SPOTS"- Areas that numerous UFO sightings have been reported.


7) THE SETI PROGRAM- There are a number of people across the world who use radio telescopes to listen for signals from other civilizations, like SETI.


8) ALIEN ABDUCTION-There have been a few scientific studies done, and a lot of people claiming to have been abducted by aliens were given the standard array of personality tests, and no sign of any mental illness was found.


9) BILL CLINTON'S A BELIEVER- At the Global Competitiveness Forum in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, in Bill Clinton's keynote speech, he was talking about the search for worlds like our own. The whole UFO and conspiracy theory communities thought that he was hinting at extraterrestrial life.


10) CROP CIRCLES- Crop circles are a worldwide phenomenon. Most likely made by people, but who knows -- never say never.



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