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Alexandria City Public Schools served students whole-grain pasta 20 times. Each time they rejected it. Starting next school year, pasta and other grain products in schools will have to be whole-grain rich, or more than half whole grain. That includes rolls, biscuits, pizza crust, tortillas and even grits. The requirement is part of a government effort to make school lunches and breakfasts healthier. Championed by first lady Michelle Obama, the new standards have been phased in over the last two school years, with more changes coming in 2014. Some schools say the changes have been expensive and difficult to put in place, and school officials are asking Congress and the Agriculture Department to roll back some of the requirements. Their main concerns: finding enough whole grain-rich foods that kids like, lowering sodium levels and keeping fruits and vegetables from ending up in the trash.




1) GOULASH- This school lunch is number one for a score of reasons. First, why in the world would you name a meal at school Goo-lash? Second, it has a terrible taste to it, like recycled leftovers. Third, it's the definition of mystery meat in a bowl in terms of appearance, like someone put a lunch in a blender.

2) HOT, OPEN-FACED TURKEY SANDWICH ( With Gravy )- It rates for the sheer annoyance of how to eat it. Why have a hot wet sandwich you have to eat with a knife and fork ?

3) TUNA SANDWICH - Bad idea all around. They are cold and leave you with horrid breath as a parting gift. Even the good ones are never as good as homemade tuna.

4) BEEFARONI- Anemic looking noodles that have been cooked so long they are limp, and the addition of ground beef only adds to it's nickname: "Barf-a-roni"

5) SPAM - No matter how you attempt to disguise it, you can never lose the fact that it's meat....that still retains the shape of the can it came out of....that can sit for years without refrigeration.

6) SALISBURY STEAK - Is it meatloaf ? No. Is it hamburger? Nope. This cross-hybrid hidden under gravy with mushrooms has become the favorite of school dumpsters for a looong time.

7) CRUST CHEESE PIZZA- The word that comes to mind here is disappointing. Kids want real, greasy, delicious pizza not the stuff that's served in the lunch line. It's a cardboard mockery of pizza with cheese in the crust that supposedly makes it better.

8) HOT DOGS- They sit in the boiling water for so long that they begin to split and take on a shape no one wants to be seen eating. Tasteless, and annoying when they fall out of the underside of the bun.

9) EGG SALAD SANDWICH - The smell alone will have you sitting alone at a table. What do you get when you combine C-grade eggs, celery, bad bread, refrigeration, and mystery filling? An egg salad sandwich. Not a good idea to eat and I have found hair in them.

10) FISH STICKS- Usually rubbery, they are only good for stacking like blocks, or as a good weapon to toss in a food fight. 

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