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A New York City man chose a unique setting to propose to his girlfriend: a subway tunnel under construction.

Carolyn Grossman said yes to Adam Meagher, who got on his knee in the Second Avenue subway on Sunday, according to the New York Post. The 35-year-old Meagher and his 31-year-old fiancee are both urban planners. She says their best conversations have been in New York's transit system. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority arranged for the couple to join a community tour of the future station at Manhattan's East 86th Street.

The cavernous tunnel is being built so subway service can operate up Manhattan's far East Side by 2016. Meagher sealed his proposal with a 1920s vintage diamond ring. 


1) IN JAIL / FROM THE BACK OF A DEPARTING POLICE CAR: While it may seem romantic, the idea of asking for someone's hand while yours are in cuffs is not a good thing.

2) AT A FUNERAL: Funerals are places to grieve and remember loved ones who have departed for their heavenly abode. Mushy proposals are better left for another day .

3) ON FACEBOOK / CHAT ROOMS: Stop being a virtual tiger. No self-respecting woman would say yes to a proposal typed or texted to her. The least you can do is propose in person. You're unlikely to score any points for not having the courage to face her. 

4) ON TV: Not only is it extremely tacky but also terribly embarrassing for the girl in question. Especially if she wants to say ''no''! 

5) IN FRONT OF HER FAMILY: While the girl is likely to be too uncomfortable to come up with any answer, her family will more than make up for it. If you're not in daddy dearest's good books, then who knows what the outcome could be.

6) AT ANOTHER WEDDING: A wedding day only belongs to the bride and groom. They're supposed to be the centre of attraction and you have no right to steal their thunder on their special day.

7) AT WORK: What better way to tell your boss that you are slacking off then by asking for someone's hand when you are supposed to be productive? 

8) AT HOME: You do everything at home. Sleep, eat, bathe, some even work at home. So don't propose there. It's sanctuary, yes, but it would be really difficult to surprise someone. 

9) MOVIE THEATER: Proposing in a movie theater is a bad idea because it's dark, plus you are creating a disturbance for other moviegoers and that's never a good thing. The last thing you need is someone punching you out while asking someone to be your wife.

10) AT A BAR: This is one of the least romantic places to propose marriage. Unless your significant other is a severe alcoholic this will be a definite mistake.

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